No two people will have the same memory of an event. Ask a million people to describe the last Super Bowl, and you’ll get a million different details of what went down. This is true not only for events that large, but for much smaller events too. Two people in a relationship will even have different memories and thoughts about things that happen. Normally this is fine, but if the gulf between those memories and thoughts is too wide it can create problems. Punk quartet Never Betters address this issue with their rich new track “Alone,” which we’re premiering right here this afternoon.

Drummer Davita Guslits took on the lyrical writing duties, and the result on “Alone” is a visceral, emotional tale. Despite desperately wanting to be loved by the subject of the song, vocalist April Romano comes to the harsh realization that “I am alone.” It’s powerfully written and delivered with the raw emotion that comes from recent heartbreak. The music mirrors this emotional turmoil, with Guslits delivering a pulse-pounding foundation for the track and bassist Patrick Briggs and guitarist Danny Kidd trading wave after wave of sound that crash into the listener.

Guslits gave a detailed explanation of the story behind the track, saying “‘Alone’ is about trying to enjoy the euphoria of new love or infatuation, without getting too bogged down by the unfortunate fact of that love being unrequited. It represents the mental gymnastics I performed after becoming intimate with my unemotional lover, to balance self indulgent daydreams with reality. But I wouldn’t have given up a second of those heart wrenching times.”

You can listen to Never Betters’s new track “Alone” below.