Earlier in the week, Echosmith shared the exciting news that their second album, Inside A Dream, would be arriving in the fall, along with a tour to go with it. While there was no new music included in that release, the group didn’t leave us empty-handed for long. Today, they shared the new track “Goodbye” and its accompanying music video.

The track has an acoustic guitar twang at its heart and builds its dance track percussion and synths on that twang. Not only does it work, but even hearing the track for the first time, you know it’ll sound amazing live. Lyrically, frontwoman Sydney Sierota tells the story of a person who clearly doesn’t have their stuff together, and that scattered nature and failing has caused Sierota to say adieu to them.

The video follows that sense of space between the two and emptiness as Sierota says goodbye with the band playing in an almost entirely empty, but beautifully lit, mansion.

Inside A Dream is out on September 29. Keep checking back in to Substream in the meantime, as Echosmith is sure to roll out more new music before then.