It feels like the anticipation for LANY‘s debut album has been building for forever. Over the last year, there’s been a steady trickle of tour stops, music videos, and single releases from the trio of Paul Klein, Les Priest, and Jake Goss. On Friday, the self-titled album will finally be here, but that’s not stopping LANY from giving us more this week. In this case, it’s the music video for “Good Girls,” a track we first heard in March.

The video follows Klein as he both drives and walks around the city streets as he sings. For most of the video, he sings directly into the camera, the intense emotions of the track playing across his face. As he travels, it appears that he’s wandering aimlessly. Or is he? Klein stated in a press release:

“‘good girls’ addresses the emotions of disappointment and unmet expectations battling against unconditional love and second/infinite chances. considering the narrative of the ‘ilysb‘ music video, i thought it’d be cool to set up the storyline of this specific song as a potential prequel. watch ’till the end.”

The trio’s debut album LANY is being released through Interscope.