Ever since the announcment of their second album All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell in May, PVRIS have been absolutely crushing it with fantastic visuals and even more fantastic tracks. “Heaven” and “What’s Wrong” have both been phenomenal, and today you can add “Half” to that list.

The new track is not as drum heavy as the last two, swapping out the cacophonous percussion for a greater focus on guitars and synths. That’s not to say the drums are bad here though, quite the contrary. Over this excellent instumental, Lynn Gunn sings of being torn in two by her emotions, hence the title “Half.”

The visuals stay in line with what we’ve seen so far, with Gunn sitting on a sofa in a Victorian decorated room, holding flowers in her hands. As the camera zooms out, we see the cloaked figures that have previously made appearances and a very creepy hand. (Seriously, this hand might be the creepiest hand we’ve ever seen.)

With track after track this good, fans will surely be in for a treat when All We Know of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell is released in full. And just think about how amazing PVRIS’s upcoming tour is going to be.