I grew up watching Boy Meets World reruns and falling in love with the Matthews family and the characters that found their way into the kitchen before graduating to dorm rooms and coffee shops. If we’re around the same age, it is more of a fact than it is an assumption that the first great romance you witnessed involved none other than Corey Matthews and Topanga Lawrence. We watched their friendship as it grew into the kind of relationship that we all strive for. The kind that is built around the quirks and flaws in your person and how the other person makes you better. In that sense, I think its safe to say that we all have a Topanga Lawrence — we just don’t always end up with our Topanga Lawrence, and it’s clear just from the title of their new song that Charmer gets it.

Most of my adolescence was spent in a small town in Upstate New York and I spent all of high school very closeted, but still somehow managed to find my Topanga. I found myself in a “relationship” with this girl and we just immediately clicked. We share a similarly warped sense of humor, a passion for writing some truly awful poetry that read like throw-away Chiodos lyrics, and can talk about music or movies until we’re blue in the face. We would spend hours on the phone waiting for the other person to fall asleep and spend Summer nights on the trampoline in my backyard just staring at the stars. She was the first person that got to see the person behind the wall of vaguely offensive humor and is still somebody that I genuinely, 100% love to death. She is, without question, my Topanga Lawrence. But, really, we all know that I’m looking for my own Corey Matthews.

The song takes a different approach to this. Instead of a friendship blossoming into something beautiful, we see the two main characters grow apart. The Topanga Lawrence of this track is too cool to be seen with David and is trying to keep their relationship a secret. It’s very Romeo and Juliet, but without the tragic death, and with a lot of The Promise Ring playing in the background. I’ve been listening to this song nearly non-stop since I was asked to do this premiere and I still can’t get over the warm and nostalgic feeling of a budding young romance that washes over me when David sings “And the distance between our house doesn’t matter to me right now/so I’ll bring my shoes up to your room/so your friends don’t know I’m with you” seconds before the trumpet starts to swell.

When asked about the track, vocalist/guitarist David Daignault says: “Topanga Lawrence was the last song we wrote for this LP. We wanted an energetic song that was fun for us to play live and lyrically I used a combination of past life experiences to create a fictional romance about Topanga from Boy Meets World. Even though we wrote it the last day before recording it turned out to be one of our favorites from the LP.”

He continues with, “Charmers debut Self-Titled LP is a collection of songs about my last semester of college, the following months after graduating and the experiences that myself and most people deal with during that time. It’s a perfect blend of influences that made us want to start this band originally and influences of the band we’d eventually like to become.”

You can stream “Topanga Lawrence” below.

Charmer is out April 20th on No Sleep Records. Snag your copy of the record here.