LA rock band The Score — duo comprised of Eddie Anthony and Edan Dover — have released their latest single, “The Fear.”

“The Fear” follows the latest single from The Score, “Stronger,” which we exclusively premiered the music video for earlier this month. The new EP from the duo is expected to be released soon.

On the song the band explain that “‘The Fear’ was written in a real uncertain time in our career. It was a few months after we wrote our album and we were unsure of whether or not our music was going to connect and find an audience. The song was really about us fighting back against the uncertainty and insecurity that we were manifesting within ourselves and how we needed to fight all the voices and doubt in our heads and just believe in what we were doing.”

The Score recently wrapped up their fall headlining tour, and with the expected release of a new EP soon, you can be on the lookout for more tour dates coming from the band soon.