Two years ago, Brooklyn’s Belle Mare released their debut album Heaven Forget. The musical brainchild of vocalist Amelia Bushell and guitarist Thomas Servidone, Belle Mare create an enthralling and engaging brand of pop through captivating synths and smart live instrumentation.Heaven Forget was the perfect example of this, and the band has spent the last couple years hard at work to expand that catalogue. That expansion has now arrived with the release of Belle Mare’s new 5-song EP Liars. We’re absolutely ecstatic to give you the first listen of Liars here on Substream this afternoon.

Servidone’s guitar and Bushell’s voice are the stars of the show as always on Liars, but there’s a lot of variation on the formula throughout. The opening title track “Liars” dials up the guitar to eleven and features several sections that are punchier than anything we’ve heard from the band before. The bittersweet acceptance of “We Don’t Belong Together” showcases the more tender and emotional side of the EP. The transition from that to “We Can Wait For Love” and its more raucous sound works perfectly, both from a sonic and a thematic standpoint. The production work that goes into the backing synths and Bushell’s harmonies on “Spain” are some of the most complex on Liars, and create a big sound that’s exciting to peel apart in order to examine and appreciate each factor. The EP closes on “Don’t Get Carried Away,” which includes a ton of percussion instruments to create a rhythmic, earthy sound that serves as the perfect way to finish out Liars.

The songs on Liars came from a variety of places and carry a host of meanings for Belle Mare. Servidone explains “Some of these songs are holdovers from our last LP Heaven Forget, and were written and recorded at Electric Lady Studios over 3 years ago now. They are nostalgic in a way and a reminder of a very special time in our lives that we spent with some of the most magnificent people and dear friends. We had demos of a few newer songs and decided to bunch them all together into this EP. This collection of songs is truly a bridge from the past to the present and our stepping stone for what comes next.”

You can listen to Liars below. The EP officially drops tomorrow, October 19. Belle Mare will be playing a release show for the EP on October 24 at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn.