A name we’ve been hearing a lot about lately, Valerie Lighthart is quickly becoming an essential artist for any dance playlist with her unique sound and new collaborative project, entitled, Mean To Me. Infused with new age sounds and catchy bass, the remixes amplify the original that unites various type of music from Pop, to Electro to Hardcore.

The three-pack features the hottest new up-and-coming dance stars Trinergy, MIDNIGHT CVLT and the project’s breakout star The Brig. Pure sonic pleasure, alongside the visionary artist, the well-respected trio delivers signature diverse elements that transform the project into a must-hear essential for any dance lover.

The project’s highlight is the incredible The Brig remix. Delivers a unique dance essence that hasn’t been heard yet in Dance music. Valerie Lighthart and The Brig build a relationship that benefits both them and the fans for eternity. Original, refreshing, explosive, self-sufficient and empowering. Easily the best song on the project.

The Brig on making “Mean To Me” remix:

“I was pleased to work with Valerie Lighthart’s vocals. I recorded this remix pretty fast since I knew what her style is like. Melodic, colorful, diverse mix of synths and vocals. My favorite moment on the track is the outro.”

Lighthart had this to say about Mean To Me, “’Mean To Me’ is a pop celebration of heartbreak. Dark lyrics lie contrasted against an upbeat tune chronicling the demise of a fling. The tracks paints a petulant image carried by a surly melody and dancey rhythm.”

Sundry standouts, combined make an explosive full-length feature, making Valerie Lighthart a household mainstay in today’s genre. Can play well with others, the new project will open a door of endless possibility for Lighthart and bigger names in today’s music.

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Mean To Me is available now on N43 Records.