It’s important to enjoy the small moments of happiness in life. Stop and get an ice cream cone, really look at the beauty of nature when you’re riding in the car, or just sit there with your friends and receive joy out of the company. It’s the accumulation of these small moments that turn into a happy, joyous life. It can even be enjoyable seeing these small moments in other people’s lives as well. South Carolina band City on Down have collected some of their moments on film. The quartet have put those clips together in the music video for their recent single “On My Way,” and we’re honored to share their happiness with you.

“On My Way” is about the band’s path to growth and happiness, and the video captures that as well. A combination of concert footage and scenes City on Down captured themselves, the four guys are in their natural element here. Whether it’s playing in front of a crowd or enjoying a meal together at a diner while out on the road, you can see the genuine joy on everyone’s faces as they spend time together. There’s also a section at the end after the song ends that contains a normal conversation while the band is driving to a show, and it’s clear they have each other’s backs for life.

City on Down gave a touching explanation to the video, saying “‘On My Way’ is a song that encapsulates our decision to pursue this musical dream, and truly shows the emotion behind our journey that we hope continues forever. What started as a leap of faith between two hometown best friends has become this amazing full-time chase that we’re so thankful for every day. The music video takes all the incredible moments from our first ever tour and puts them together to show how much we bonded as a group, and showcases just how much fun we always have on this wild ride called life. As the chorus says: ‘I’m on my way to bigger things than I have now, we’ll sell out shows, live life on the road, as I figure it out.’ We hope this song inspires every listener to follow their dreams no matter what, because there isn’t a day that goes by that any of us regrets it.”

You can watch the video for “On My Way” below. If you’d like to see City on Down in action yourself, there’s also a list of upcoming tour dates included after the video.

City on Down Tour Dates
10/25- Charlotte, NC – Sofar Sounds
10/26 – Charlotte, NC- Skylark
10/27 – Nashville, TN – Boulevard Records
10/28 – Columbus, OH, Woodlands Tavern
10/29 – Buffalo, NY – Buffalo University
10/30 – Rochester, NY – Flour City Station
10/31 – Syracuse, NY – The Arc
11/01 – Montreal, Canada – Beaumonde
11/02 – Toronto, Canada – The Cavern
11/03 – Manhattan, NYC – Rockwood Music Hall
11/05 Boston, MA – Middle East Club
11/06 – Philadelphia, PA- Raven Lounge
11/08 – Washington, DC, Velvet Lounge
11/09 – Myrtle Beach, SC, Bourbon Street
11/12 – Houston, TX – High School Nation
11/13 – Austin, TX – Come And Take It Live
11/14 – Houston, TX – High School Nation
11/15 – Dallas, TX – High School Nation
11/16 – Dallas, TX – 2513