5 Seconds of Summer have shared a new song, “Wildflower,” a preview of their new album C A L M, due out Friday via Interscope Records.

“Wildflower” finds 5SOS deliberately omitting certain words from the chorus lyrics, amping up the song’s potent but euphoric mood of romantic tension.

“We wanted to make the chorus kind of a choose-your-own-adventure, where some words are left out and then accentuated by these big stabs of synth,” explains bassist Calum Hood. “It lets everyone come up with their own interpretation, and fill in whatever they think those missing lyrics might be.”

5 Seconds of Summer de retour avec l'album 'C.A.L.M'

C A L M by 5SOS
1. Red Desert
2. No Shame
3. Old Me
4. Easier
5. Teeth
6. Wildflower
7. Best Years
8. Not In The Same Way
9. Lover Of Mine
10. Thin White Lies
11. Lonely Heart
12. High