Update, November 20: Nero Kane has also shared a music video for “Living On The Edge Of The Night.” The visuals are just as mysterious and well-crafted as the music, and can be viewed at the end of the post. Original post resumes below:

When you put on a piece of music, it creates an atmosphere. Put on a dance track if you want the feeling to be light and fun. A nice love song can create the perfect mood for that date night you have planned. An artist who excels at creating atmospheres can bend notes and melodies to their will in order to tell a story. Italian artist Nero Kane (the performance moniker of Marco Mezzadri) is an expert at crafting these moods and feelings throughout his music. He’s displaying his ability again today with the release of new single “Living On The Edge Of The Night,” which we are thrilled to premiere this afternoon.

A musical component doesn’t have to be complex to be effective, and Kane knows this. The opening riff on the acoustic guitar carries a huge impact, immediately setting up an isolated, mournful feeling for the song. Kane’s voice is the voice of a storyteller, and you can feel the loneliness when he sings “living at the edge of the night.” His ability to emote is so powerful you can almost see a dusty, lonely town where the song might take place. The violins that add a new wrinkle partway through only serve to further enhance this breathtakingly real vision and mood.

“Living On The Edge Of The Night” is taken from Nero Kane’s upcoming album Love In A Dying World set for release on November 30. You can stream the single below, and pre-order the album on vinyl here.