Canadian cinematic rock band Motion Picture decided to fearlessly follow their dreams, taste, and feeling, prompting them to form in 2014 in a sex-shop backstore fresh out of music college. Their goal was simple: in a music world that has seen hip-hop and trap dominate over the past few years, the enigmatic trio wanted to express themselves in a groovy and grandiose way.

Motion Picture records, produces, and mixes their own music, allowing them to create a sound, tone, and personality that is strictly them. Fusing their individual musician skills with the very best vibes of modern film scores, they come together to create a sound that is catchy and massively orchestral at once. The end result is one that takes the best parts of Pirates of the Caribbean, Interstellar, Lord Of The Rings, Star Wars, The Dark Knight, and more, and blends it into their often high-energy rock sound that, musically, is influenced by acts like Thirty Seconds to Mars, Muse, and Bring Me the Horizon.

Following the previously released “Disclosure” and “The Frame,” we are excited to partner up with Motion Picture to bring you their new song, “Yield.” This time around, the single takes the ballad approach for the band, while still retaining some cinematic qualities musically and especially in the music video.

“I have the conviction that Far Wild Quest is a record that nobody’s gonna understand at first; neither be able to legitimately tell if they like it or not. It’s that kind of record that infects you and grows on you if you give it time. And I don’t say that to justify anything or because it’s our record. I just know it’s a record like this and I’m sure that with time, people will extract the feel of it and understand our tone as a band, who we are and what we do. Don’t try to categorize it,” begins Motion Picture on explaining the record. “Far Wild Quest is our debut album. 3 years in the making. Due to bad studio experiences and finding that our vision was diluted when we were working with producers/engineers and ever mixers, we decided to do the whole thing on our own. We rent a house for two years where we built a studio. We engineered, recorded, produced and mixed it. Pierre (vocalist) was working with music programs since the age of 12 and had a sick orchestral background so we did all orchestrations on our own. Everything. The only external person in the process was Ermin Hamidovic (Periphery, Architects, Animals as Leaders) who did the mastering.”

Motion Picture will be releasing their debut, Far Wild Quest, on December 14th via Papillion Music. You can pre-order the release here, and keep up with the band on Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify.