Rising pop-punk band Yearbooks formed just around five years ago, and after a few lineup changes, they’ve settled in and are ready for liftoff. The band — consisting of Kevin Lietz on vocals, Brett Lietz on guitar, Jobany Ruiz on guitar, Miguel Guzman on bass, an Carlos Esparza on drums — have spent the last year or so performing on the Southern California gaining experience and growing their audience.

The bands first record, Hanging by a Thread, which covered those formative years for Yearbooks, then followed it up with their most recent full-length, Peer Pressure, back in 2018. It’s that second record that captured the attention of Vinnie Fiorello (Less Than Jake, Fueled by Ramen, Paper + Plastick) and Erick Droegsmoeller (Word is Bond, Inc.) who recently founded Lost Music Collective.

Yearbooks quickly signed with Lost Music Collective, and will be releasing their label debut, Stepping Stones, this Friday, November 1st. The band released the first single “Falling Backwards” a few weeks back, and today Substream is excited to team up with the band to release the second single, “Stepping Stones.”



“The song is about dealing with mental illness and letting it destroy a relationship with someone you care about,” Yearbooks tells Substream on the new single. “No matter how much somebody can love you, the burden that comes with anxiety, depression and self doubt can be too much sometimes. If you don’t love yourself, it makes it hard for somebody else to.”

Stepping Stones artwork:

Yearbooks stepping stones

Stepping Stones track-listing:

  1. Falling backwards
  2. Exactly
  3. Stepping Stones
  4. Get Lost
  5. New Way Out

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