Imani Coppola may be familiar to you as you’re reading this right now. The singer/songwriter/violinist burst onto the world with “Legend of a Cowgirl” back in 1997, which went on to reach the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Coppola later featured on the Baha Men single “You All Dat,” which produce her second single to crack the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Since then, Coppola has stayed incredibly busy, putting out a steady stream of music over the years — both solo and as part of the Little Jackie duo with Adam Pallin. The most recent solo project from Coppola came with The Protagonist, which was released back on October 4th via Ipecac Recordings. It’s an overall aggressive record, showcasing their knack for writing engaging pop songs.

However, Coppola has never been one to steer clear of difficult subject matters and taking a stand in regards to the current political climate. That’s no different on The Protagonist, as the delicately soft “Sage” was written after one of the recent mass shootings here in the United States. “I wrote ‘Sage’ as a reminder to myself that I am ultimately the only one responsible for my behavior and actions,” Coppola had to say about the single, “Another mass shooting had just occurred in America and I felt myself brimming with an anger so fierce that if left unchecked I might have actually become everything I was loathing. If you stare into the void for too long, you become the void, or something to that effect.”

Today, Substream is excited to be premiering the music video for the fierce single. Regarding the video, Coppola tells Substream, “I wanted it to be like the famous Sinead O’Conner video, but didn’t feel like crying, fucking up my make up and having to redo it constantly. I was in a remarkably shitty mood the day we shot but Keith Major, the director, was supportive of my shit mood. It worked for the video.”

Watch the video for yourself below.