Turnstile is back, y’all!

Nearly three years after the release of their beloved sophomore album Nonstop Feeling, Turnstile will release a new album called Time & Space on February 23rd via Roadrunner Records. Last month, they surprised everybody by emerging from the woodwork with the music video for a new song called “Real Thing” with no information on a forthcoming album, and because of that, the track felt and feels like equal parts like a triumphant return and a ritualistic summoning for the return of the faces of break-neck, 90’s inspired hardcore.

Today, they dropped another surprise single and broke the news of the existence of Time & Space to the world. “Generator” is trudgey and tumultuous at the start before caving into one of the most melodic vocal deliveries this band has given us to date. The visualizer is a nearly hypnotic low-quality video of a disco ball rotating above the pyramid– perfect Turnstile visuals that hint at the album name and prevailing themes.

Time & Space is bound to be a game changer for Turnstile– a guest appearance from one of EDM’s brightest star, Diplo, has created a previously unmatched level of hype and curiosity around what this band is going to do next. You can listen to “Generator” below.

Check out the album artwork and tracklist below:

  1. “Real Thing”
  2. “Big Smile”
  3. “Generator”
  4. “Bomb”
  5. “I Don’t Wanna Be Blind”
  6. “High Pressure”
  7. “(Lost Another) Piece Of My World”
  8. “Can’t Get Away”
  9. “Moon”
  10. “Come Back For More / H.O.Y.”
  11. “Right To Be”
  12. “Disco”
  13. “Time + Space”

Turnstile Time and Space cover