A$AP Ferg found a way to make his latest, greatest hit even better

One of the fall’s hottest songs now has a fittingly savage remix. A$AP Ferg has recruited none other than Nick Minaj for the official remix of “Plain Jane,” and in doing so the A$AP Mob ringleader has created another instant classic.

Available to stream at the top of this post, the official remix of “Plain Jane” adds a large dose of attitude to an already aggressive track. Minaj meets and at times even exceeds 2the bar for quality set by Ferg’s original offering by leveraging her knack for wordplay in a way we haven’t heard for some time. Listen for yourself to better understand what I mean.

Something tells me we will be discussing Nicki’s verse on this track for weeks, if not months to come. Here are her lyrics in full:

Ayo, I’mma explain why you probably never see me
I push a Lamborghini, chocha magic like Houdini
My body shaped like Jenny, booty dreamy, waist is teeny
Yes, I told him to get TIDAL so he stream me when he leave me
I go hard in the booth, Biggie vibes, gimme the loot
I’m a classy millionaire, bitches ain’t got the couth
C-O-U-T-H ’cause you can’t spell it either
If I call him then he coming home running, Derek Jeter
Bitches must be eating ass because I swear they’re bottom feeders
Hoe, you know that you my son, I shoulda scrapped you as a fetus
All these bitches rockin’ inches cuz they followin’ the leader
I should switch it up on hoes and rock a Afro like Lupitas
I don’t keep up with the Jones’s but I do know Catherine Zeta
I’m with Candice, TT, Thembi, and Viola, mi amiga
Rap bitches they gotta check in with the Queen
I’m the Alpha, the Omega, everything in between, uh

Ferg released the video for “Plain Jane” way back in October. If you missed it, or if you need a refresher, watch the clip below: