Hailing from Bedford, Michigan, Tranquility are rock band with a sound that truly embodies their name. It’s tranquil rock, plain and simple. Consisting of best buds Brett Kaminski (guitar, vocals), Drew Yates (guitar) and Evan Villarreal (drums), Tranquility have channeled their experiences and love for life into their music, bringing depth and perspective to every song.
Today, we are excited to bring you the music video for Tranquility’s song “Tamarack” off their upcoming album Sonic Propensity, which is out July 14 on CD/digital via Take This To Heart Records. The music video for the song is dark with rarely any bright moments. This sets the tone for the video performance and also the mood of the song, which tackles the inevitable demon of change and how to move forward from that.
When asked about the song and video, Kaminski said:
“I’ve found that sadness comes from change, the kind of change you find as life continues to flow on while you find yourself reminiscing old days. This song is about those old days and being stuck in the past and having to learn to be okay with the fact life is moving at 100 mph and all we can do is just take as much of it in as we can and enjoy each moment we’re in. Tamarack is the name of the street one of my best buds growing up lived on. There was a group of us who were all best friends throughout all of high school, but as everyone went away to college, that friendship slowly started fading and it was pretty hard for me to accept this nature of life. But although we’re all growing older, luckily I’ve found ‘it’s never to late’ meaning no matter how much change you may find yourself, each moment continues to present itself in a new way even more beautiful then even before known. Life will be life and we can allow the change to hold us down or to flow with its changes. “
Watch the video for “Tamarack” below, and pre-order Sonic Propensity here.