Introducing Dan Berk, a fast-rising singer/songwriter out of New York, known for his widespread buzz including 1.24 million monthly listeners and 73 million total streams and 43k Instagram followers. Today, the new star unveils his pain on the new love collection named after him. Lost in love, the thriving artist dives deep into the suppressed thoughts dealing with past girlfriends and where things went wrong on both ends.

On EP, most of the album is about love and a failed relationship. Berk talks a lot about trying to find my place in life and discovering myself through relationships and experiences. He proves he has grown a lot in these last few years and I think the lyrics do a great job at conveying that. Berk co-wrote one of the songs off the record with producer Stavros, who recently produced AJ Mitchell’s single called, “All My Friends.”

Take a listen to Dan Berk’s EP below.