Since its inception in 2012, Steady Hands have managed to keep their musical journey alive despite all members grinding in multiple full time musical projects, most notably Sean Huber’s non-stop years of touring with Modern Baseball. “We wouldn’t see each other for months at points, but then reunite in a room and start playing these songs and it felt like being home again,” Huber states.

While the band has collaborated with a slew of different friends and musicians over the years, the core has been the current lineup of Huber, William Lindsay, George Legatos, Andrew Kirnan, and Richard Straub. Last year, the band celebrated their first 5 years of existence by releasing Rude Boys of Bar Rock, a 20-track double-album of sorts, filled with previously released music spanning their entire career.

Now, Steady Hands have announced that their new alum, Truth In Comedy, will be released on October 19th via Lame-O Records. In the winter of 2017, the band went into the studio with Brian MceTear (mewithoutYou, The War on Drugs, Dr. Dog) to create their first proper full-length records over the course of a few months. Truth In Comedy lyrically is set to follow Huber through the past decade of his life, and shows Steady Hands as a band that has continued to grow.

In addition to the announcement, the band have released a new song called “Indifferent Belushi,” which can be found back at the top of the post. If you like what you hear from the track, you can pre-order Steady Hands’ Truth In Comedy here physically, or head here for digital pre-orders.

Below you will find the album artwork and track-listing for Truth In Comedy.

  1. 40x
  2. No More Funerals
  3. New Tattoo
  4. Saint Lucas
  5. Indifferent Belushi
  6. Drop D and Dance Beats
  7. Old House
  8. Magazines
  9. Better Days
  10. Christmas at the ‘Vous