Ben Schuller is a multi-talented new recording artist quickly ascending to superstar status with the release of his new song, titled, “Cruising Altitude.”

“Cruising Altitude” is about the fragility of internet fame and how easy it is to ride highs only to come crashing down in a split second, especially in the entertainment industry. The lyrics progressively poke holes in what seems to be the perfect picture. As people become more and more successful, it becomes easier and easier to gloss over real problems in order to maintain that feeling of success.

In the video, Schuller is flying to an ideal destination, seating in the accomplished first-class. Schuller appreciates the moment as he sings, “Forget the writing on the wall./We were right before./Yeah the moment got me invincible./And I want some more./Yeah I want some more.”

The new single is featured on Ben Schuller’s new project, New Roaring 20’s. The upcoming project will also feature Ben Schuller’s previously released hit, “Validation.” “Cruising Altitude” is the perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan.

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To-date, “Cruising Altitude” has surpassed over 47,000 streams.

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