New York’s chosen son, Action Bronson, continued to promote his upcoming studio album this afternoon with the release of “9-24-7000”. The ultra-smooth rap track pairs the Fuck That’s Delicious host with Maybach Music Group head honcho Rick Ross for a laid back affair that goes down like lemonade on a hot summer’s day. You can stream the track below.

We would have to speak to a few rap historians to be sure, but it seems safe to say no one has referenced the Street Fighter video game series more in their career than Action Bronson. Even here, against the near jazz-like sound of “9-24-7000,” Bronson finds a way to reference Ryu’s leg kick before the first verse even begins. Not everyone can appreciate wordplay like this, but here at Substream it’s enough to make our nerdy hearts melt.

Bronson’s new album, Blue Chips 7000, is scheduled for release this Friday (August 25). The release of the record has been something of a problem for the New York emcee, who has been fighting with his label over making his music available for at least fourteen months. “Just have to tie up some loose ends,” he said in a May 2016 interview with Zane Lowe. “This month, as soon as it’s done I’m gonna drop it.”

The track listing for Blue Chips 7000 can be found below. Check Substream again this weekend for more Action Bronson coverage.

  1. Wolfpack
  2. La Luna
  3. The Chairman’s Intent
  4. Hot Pepper (Feat. Meyhem Lauren and Jah Tiger)
  5. Bonzai
  6. Let It Rain
  7. My Right Lung
  8. TANK (Feat. Big Body Bes)
  9. Let Me Breathe
  10. 9-24-7000 (Feat. Rick Ross)
  11. The Choreographer
  12. Chop Chop Chop
  13. Durag Vs. Headband (Feat. Big Body Bes)