We always had a feeling that Maggie Rogers was going to be one of the biggest names in music this year. That belief was the sole reason we chose to put the singer-songwriter on the cover of our first 2017 print issue and why we continue to cover her every move to this day. Rogers has surpassed all expectations placed on her with a sense of grace that is rarely found in mainstream entertainment today, and she most recently proved this to be true with her appearance on NPR’s popular Tiny Desk Concert video series.

A description from Stephen Thompson of NPR written earlier this month reads:

For her Tiny Desk debut, Rogers performed all three of the EP’s best-known songs, opening with the recent singles “On + Off” and “Dog Years,” the latter of which she calls “a song for all the pups.” Then, after dismissing her band, she treated us to a few warm words about public radio before introducing “Alaska” — a song whose buoyantly clever arrangement translates beautifully to the solo acoustic treatment she gives it here. She needn’t have buttered us up; we were already all in.

Rogers’ debut EP, Now That The Light Is Fading, was released to critical acclaim back in February. You can now find that release on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and anywhere else music is available.