When it comes to songs that get us fired up, Amy Shark‘s recent single “I Said Hi” is the current champ. With an effective boxing metaphor, great beat, and Shark’s fiery intensity, “I Said Hi” is one of her best songs to date. With Shark’s new album, Love Monster, just a shade over two months away, the singer has released the music video for “I Said Hi.”

The video finds Shark alone for most of its runtime, matching with the singular focus and energy of the song. Across an empty street and a very cool rail yard, Shark delivers her verses directly into the camera to connect with viewers. As the song builds towards its triumphant finish Shark becomes more and more animated. When that finish arrives, Shark performs for a group of cheering onlookers in an underground performance. The energetic video was directed by Shark and Nick Waterman, and special credit should go towards DOPs Thom Neal and Kieran Fowler for the stunning visuals.

You can watch the video for “I Said Hi” above. Amy Shark’s new album, Love Monster, will be out on July 13. Pre-orders in your preferred media form can be found here.