I don’t want to say that our current political climate is good for anything, because the reality is that it’s only good for reminding you that humanity is the worst and this species is completely abysmal. There are, however, plenty of people that will tell you a political climate as rife with turmoil as this one is a good atmosphere for hearty and powerful punk-rock to thrive in. Releases like Jeff Rosenstock’s Worry and Post are perfect examples of this; melodic albums wrought with dystopian imagery and flagrant wails against the madness and tyranny we’ve sunk ourselves into currently feel like the work of a punk-rock prophet. Not every band can operate at the same level as Rosenstock, and that’s where acts like Small Wars come into play.

Operating at the ground level, Small Wars is a band that could easily be made up of you, me, and your neighbor. It’s a collective group of people that are tired of seeing the way that the world is being run into the ground and have chosen to use their voices and talents to create a body of work that represents that mindset. Their debut EP is a self-titled effort due out April 20th on Indie Vision Music and features the kind of nostalgic punk-rock that ran through the heart of the aforementioned released and fuels the fires of bands like Joyce Manor and The Menzingers. It’s catchy enough that the point is driven into your head by way of insanely memorable hook, and the fact that these four songs clock in at just shy of 15 minutes leaves you wanting more before you’ve even hit the halfway mark.

When asked about the record, Small Wars says, “With our new EP we wanted to create a mix of indie and punk rock nostalgia with a social narrative. Small Wars is a multi-city collaborative endeavor & there’s far too much left to say to stop now. ..”

Listen below.

Small Wars is out April 20th on Indie Vision Music and can be pre-ordered here.