If you’re a fan of ambitious and sometimes theatrical indie/rock music like Tame Impala, M83, Gorillaz, and even a bit of The Cure, Substream has an artist that will be right up your alley: Forrest Isn’t Dead.

Known for his introspective and heartfelt lyrics, Forrest Isn’t Dead reflects on his own life experiences to craft unique and thought-provoking music. Having grown up in Atlanta with a single mother and limited resources, he found early inspiration in music and skateboarding, which played a major role in developing his feelings about life and love.

Later on in life he explored his life for music by diving headfirst into writing his own music — taking on the role of drummer, guitarist, pianist, and of course, vocalist. Forrest Isn’t Dead drew a lot of early inspiration from bands like the aforementioned The Cure, and others such as Prince and even My Chemical Romance. But rather than just be a copycat of those artists, it was his own battling of adversity and overcoming his own challenges that were a benchmark towards shaping the person he is today.

Forrest Isn’t Dead’s previous singles/videos “Fire,” “Here We Are,” and “The Light” have earned him acclaim from MTV, Spotify, VEVO, and more, as well as garnering roughly 400,000 streams across all streaming platforms and 600,000 views on YouTube alone.

With all of that being said, we are excited to be playing a small part in showing the world what Forrest Isn’t Dead is capable of, with a premiere of his new single and music video, “Born Or Made.”

“This song is one of my favorites because it has such high crisp energy that feels new when you hear it. And I think everyone can take something away from the lyrics of this one,” he says on the single. “We drew a lot of inspiration from the first Halloween movie. We wanted to go for a gorilla style horror flick while still letting the deeper message shine through. This is our first video with director Noah Lamport and it was an amazing experience all around. I hope to get into more acting in my videos as our journey continues.” – Forrest Isn’t Dead explains on the video.

Check out our premiere of the video below, and we will keep you updated along the way on this rising alt/pop artist who’s sure to demand your attention.