Best known for his mainstream introduction Lil Key’s “Short Right There,” MB Salone is a American-based-via-Sierra Leone producer who is about to be the next big thing of 2021. But before he was exposed to the mainstream landscape, he burst onto the scene with a refreshing sound, eye-opening influence and so much more. Today, he prepares for the new year after capturing popularity during an unprecedented time.

Born Mohamed Bailor Barrie, MB Salone is a new music producer from Sierra Leone, currently stateside, with a unique production style and fast-growing resume. Acknowledge by music in 2016 with his release of popular rapper-inspired productions. In 2018, he dropped his debut beat tape with Da Plug. The 10-beat body of work showcased Salone’s enriched sound with heavy cultural elements, groovy bass and radio-friendly mid-tempo bounce. The project is about the diverse creativity, inspiration and respect he has for several of today’s superproducers. Da Plug spawned popular beats “Johnny Juiliano,” “Pharrell Williams” and “Dr. Dre“.

Along with being a beatsmith, Salone has also added photography, blogging and editing to his profile. However, music is his first-priority and expected to amply his stature to high-profile next year as more and more artists request his behind-the-board servitude. Right now is the perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan.

For 2021, not only does Salone plan to release an all-new, all-different style but also plans to bring awareness to the current events affecting his homeland. Salone, like so many popular artists in today’s music, has been very vocal about the SARS crisis taking place right now. While Salone is American based, he uses his popularity to ignite change and help bring an end to the deadly crisis. Music has always been a tool of change and with Salone’s help, we can surely expect a better world tomorrow.

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