Producer John Fryer’s musical project Black Needle Noise is back, and you won’t be able to shake his latest creation.

Good music has the power to move you, but great music has the ability to transport you to another dimension. Black Needle Noise, the brainchild of super-producer John Fryer (Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Cocteau Twins, HIM), is an example of the latter. Described in press materials as “music for the movies you haven’t dreamed of yet,” Black Needle Noise is a passion project so beautifully crafted that one cannot help succumbing to its effortless charm. No genre description fits, but suffice to say it is music made to move you.

Today, Substream has the great honor of premiere the video for a new Black Needle Noise track titled “La diosa y el hombre,” which translates to “The Goddess and Man.” The song features vocals from Azzul Monraz, who also stars in the video. You can view the footage above.

Speaking to Substream about the song, Fryer said:

“With Black Needle Noise I like to keep people guessing as to what will be released next, not only with sound but now with what language the song will be in. I love where Azzul Monraz has taken this song, it’s always surprising when I get the vocals back to hear where the music has taken them. With this release just after theEquinox, it adds to the Dramatic feeling of the vocals. Each song by Black Needle Noise is like its own little movie and this one, “La diosa y el hombre” is an otherworldly, romantic, passionate love song about a goddess and a man.”

You can find more music from Black Needle Noise on Bandcamp. Our suggestion would be to close every other tab and app you have open, grab some paper, sharpen your pencil, click play on the video, and then write whatever comes to your mind. Breathe life into the unimagined films these works could accompany. When finished, share them online or – better still – make that movie. You have one viewer in this author, and sure Black Needle Noise would follow suit.