There’s no shame in being dedicated to someone or something. In fact, a sense of strong dedication to a person you love, an activity you enjoy, or an ideal you strive for is a good thing. We’re all dedicated to something or someone to a certain extent. It’s when that dedication turns into obsession or addiction that a problem is created. Husband and wife pop duo Only Bricks (Anne DiGiovanni and Joseph Lewczak) address that sense of obsession on their new single “Twisted.” The song is the lead single from the duo’s upcoming debut EP, Foundation, and we are thrilled to premiere “Twisted” and introduce you all to Only Bricks.

On “Twisted,” DiGiovanni takes vocal duty and Lewczak covers the instrumental, and the result is a pop jam that I’ve already listened to approximately 1000 times. The instrumental combines Lewczak’s considerable skill at writing for and playing the guitar with a lot of electronic and EDM elements. Because those EDM flavors are stacked onto such a well-written base, the song is full and rich while still moving and dancing with pop sensibility. Vocally, DiGiovanni has voice tailor-made for selling bops, a combination of a perfect range and emotional honesty. When she sings “You got that twisted kind of love/You got me so sick, it’s toxic, I can’t get enough” on the chorus, you can feel the infatuation in her voice, and of course you can relate to having that kind of obsession yourself.

When asked about the theme of “Twisted,” Only Bricks said “This song is about a certain kind of addictive relationship that we’ve all experienced – it could be with a partner, social media, substances – something you think makes you feel good, but it has an unhealthy amount of power over you. It’s torture, but it’s so addictive.”

You can listen to “Twisted” down below. As we said up above, “Twisted” is the first single from Only Bricks‘ debut EP, Foundation. Watch for that EP to drop at the tail-end of April. In the meantime, put “Twisted” on repeat and enjoy.

Featured photo courtesy of Matt Edge Photography