Every so often, we happen across an artist so promising, whose music is so powerful, that we can’t help but share it with the world. When his single “Moments Passed” arrived this fall, we had a feeling Dermot Kennedy was a musician with many songs to sing and stories to tell, and now, he’s released a music video to go along with it. The video can be seen above.

For anyone who has found themselves mourning what once was, “Moments Passed” just might hit home. The video centers around an older man, and weaves between past and present- memory and reality- while telling a tale of lost love. Shot entirely in black and white, it was directed by Nabil Elderkin, who’s worked with some of music’s most notable names from Kendrick Lamar to Kanye West to John Legend.

Commenting on the story of the video, Kennedy told V Magazine:

“It’s the story of a lonely older man who has been laid low by loss. And the video is based around him, but it’s also based on his memories, which focus on happier times, when he was passionate, full of life and in love. And now in his old age he is none of those things, due to the loss he has suffered. The memories are his only consolation, and he relives them constantly in his head, pining for those times when he was young. These themes of loss and intense love are also key to the song, and to lots of my music.”

Last month, Dermot Kennedy announced a North American tour for 2018. The tour begins on March 1 in New York City and stretches out to Los Angeles on March 23 and ends in Vancouver, BC on March 29. Tickets for all shows are available via his website, and he’s not a performer to miss. Below, get a hint of what to expect with a live video of “A closeness.”