Migos and Lil Yachty
Aragon Ballroom // Chicago, IL // November 29, 2017

The last night of Red Bull Sound Select’s #30DaysinChicago was by far the craziest.

For the final night of Red Bull Sound Select’s #30DaysinChicago, hip-hop superstars Lil Yachty and Migos played a completely sold-out show at The Riv. Although the venue holds 2,500, it seemed way more packed than most sold-out shows. Hundreds upon hundreds of fans jammed themselves onto the main floor for a very late night show (Migos didn’t grace the stage until midnight), and the night was filled with circle pits, crowd surfing, water fights, and moments of simultaneous jumping and headbanging.

While this sounds like a metal show, all of this energy was thanks to Lil Yachty. The 21-year old trap artist doesn’t take himself seriously, and it shows in his performance. At the beginning of his show, he called out the number of photographers in the pit, saying we were making him nervous (to be fair, there were far too many photographers and we found ourselves sitting on top of one another at points), but he did it in jest. When he asked for the crowd to clap along or turn on their cell phone lights, he would call out those who weren’t participating. “Turn on the house lights! I wanna see y’all who aren’t getting into it,”, he said, “I can wait!” Lil Yachty made the crowd smile with moments like this, but his performance was nothing to laugh at. He put in every ounce of energy into his hour-long time slot, and even stayed onstage after his set was over to dance with the audience to his DJ’s exit music.

Migos have been nominated for two Grammys, one for Best Rap Performance and one for Best Rap Album. While their music is highly respected and insanely popular, their performance was not very energetic or enthusiastic. Following Lil Yachty isn’t easy, but Migos were the headliners of the evening; however, they didn’t seem very excited to be at the show and often stood motionless when they weren’t rapping. The crowd was definitely excited to see them, but the vibe of the show was a little more low-key from there on out.
The hip-hop trio have been making music since 2009 but topped the Billboard Hot 100 with their 2016 hit “Bad and Boujee”. With the help of Donald Glover and a million internet memes, the song made Migos a household name and earned them a coveted space amongst hip-hop’s elites. Their now Grammy-nominated album Culture was ranked #9 on Rolling Stone‘s 50 Best Albums of 2017 and has sold over 1 million copies since its release in January. It’s likely that the group was exhausted during the last night of #30DaysinChicago, and hopefully their future performances will be filled with the same excitement and originality that their songs have.

Lil Yachty