We’re only a week away from having a new Michelle Branch album in our lives again. Hopeless Romantic is out on April 7, and we’ve already heard the first track and the title track from the album. Today, we get a third preview with the release of “Fault Line.”

“Fault Line” is a much mellower song than “Hopeless Romantic” or “Best You Ever.” Instead of the former’s love-stricken charm or the latter’s post-relationship confidence, “Fault Line” is Branch in a more vulnerable place, a relationship crumbling around her. It accentuates the emotional gravity that Branch can bring to a song with ease, leaving our hearts crumbling along with her.

Hopeless Romantic is being released through Verve. There’s still time to pre-order the album here. Listen to “Fault Line” and check out the full tracklist below.


Hopeless Romantic Tracklist

  1. “Best You Ever”
  2. “You’re Good”
  3. “Fault Line”
  4. “Heartbreak Now”
  5. “Hopeless Romantic”
  6. “Living A Lie”
  7. “Knock Yourself Out”
  8. “Temporary Feeling”
  9. “Carry Me Home”
  10. “Not A Love Song”
  11. “Last Night”
  12. “Bad Side”
  13. “Shadow”
  14. “City”