Synchronized swimming is awe-inspiring and fascinating to watch. Beyond the general beauty of the movements, it takes a lot of strength and coordination to perform those moves while underwater. If you already love synchronized swimming, you’re going to love Seramic‘s video for “I Got You,” which he co-directed himself. If you don’t love synchronized swimming, you’re going to after watching this.

The swimmers in the video are Olivia Federici and Katie Clark, and they are extremely good at what they do. As the song plays, there are views from both above and below the surface as they snake around one another. At one point they end up completely upside down in the water, their toes brushing the surface as they perform, and it is perhaps the craziest, coolest thing you’re ever going to see in your entire life. Check out what we mean:

We weren’t wrong, were we? It’s official: We need more aquatic-based music videos, and more Seramic.

According to Seramic (Marcus Foster), the song itself revolves around “always having someone’s back even if you part ways. It’s about being kind even if you lose someone.” He adds, “It plays with your expectations a bit more than some previous tracks, you don’t quite know where the song is going, like an out of control lawn mower heading for the children.”