[Photo: Lindsey Hansen]

Florida indie trio Someday River released their most recent EP, a five-track effort titled Sleeping Sideways, back in May of 2016, but in continued support of the release we’ve teamed up with the band today to share the dreamy, tender music video for the EP’s title track.

Fans of Local Natives, Real Estate, Lord Huron, and acts of their ilk are sure to love the cool, collected nature of “Sleeping Sideways.” The smooth, breezy guitar work and gliding percussion lay a perfect foundation for vocalist Greyson Charnock’s trouble-free delivery. The single’s accompanying visuals couldn’t be more apropos either as the video features a bed, a beach, and some loving relaxation. Overall, though, it goes a bit deeper than that…

“This video is a daydream back to simpler, more beautiful times,” explains Charnock. “A sort of youthful exuberance that has likely become diluted with current events. ‘Sleeping Sideways’ is about releasing the burden of blame, and the weight of the past. It’s about forgiving yourself. There is also an element to the song about triumph over an oppressor, mirrored by the line “You fought against the law, and you won.” The video, directed by Charles Sutter, was filmed at the historic Scruggs Harbor on Indian Rocks Beach, Florida in the late spring/early summer of 2016.”

Enjoy the soothing video for “Sleeping Sideways” below and let us know what you think.

Someday River’s Sleeping Sideways EP is available to purchase on iTunes and can also be purchased and streamed via Bandcamp.