Over the last few years The Japanese House–the musical project of Amber Bain–has built a sizable following based on an excellent catalogue of indie-pop. Bain has released at least one EP as The Japanese House every year since 2015, but 2018 has been radio silence from her on the music front. That changed today. Bain went on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show to unveil her latest single, entitled “Lilo.”

“Lilo” is a further showcase of how effectively Bain can build a soundscape. The slow, deliberate intro eases listeners into the track on a bed of soft production. Her lyrics sound like poetry, descriptive and affecting. The way she ends the verse with the pitch rising only to begin the chorus at a lower pitch and a hushed tone is phenomenal. Also fantastic is the ending of the song, where bells and chimes get added in and Bain goes wild with the electronic filters on her voice and on the music as a whole.

You can listen to “Lilo” below. There’s no word if “Lilo” is from a larger project or not, but we’ll keep you informed if anything new comes out. Besides, we’re never going to say no to any great new music from The Japanese House.