Last week Avril Lavigne returned to music. After a lengthly hiatus which included a years long bout with Lyme Disease, Lavigne released single “Head Above Water.” The stirring ballad is a testament to all of the hardship that she has gone through and the strength it took her to be here now. Today Lavigne shared the music video for “Head Above Water,” and it’s just as breathtaking as the song itself.

Given the name of the song and the imagery in the lyrics, it should come as no surprise that “Head Above Water” features water as a major recurring motif. Set on a picturesque outcropping of cliffs bordering the sea, the music video finds Lavigne singing as she walks the beaches and hills of the beautiful landscape. As the song builds, so too do the crashing waves and swirling tides of the sea. Lavigne can be seen both above and below the water throughout, but as the song ends she is firmly on land, signifying her triumph.

You can watch the video for “Head Above Water” below. Listed at the end of the video is a link to The Avril Lavigne Foundation‘s website, where you can find more information about Lyme Disease.