Bristol-based alternative rock act Saint Mars—comprised of Marc Darcange (vocals, keyboards), Angelo Bruschini (guitars, bass), John Langley (drums, programming), and Nataniel Shelley (bass, keyboards, vocals)—released their debut four-track EP, titled Ocean Blues, in December of 2016 through Grá Mór Phonic Records.

With contributions from additional musicians and vocalists, Saint Mars has made its first impression with a beautifully transcendent, 20-minute effort of experimental rock that brings to mind bands like Mew, Dredg, Massive Attack, and more. Occasionally hypnotizing and often soulfully moving, Ocean Blues is a memorable first release for a band that’s sure continue making waves as their creations reach a wider audience over time.

You can watch the band’s shadowy, Romain Bedouet and Julia Bois-directed music video for the EP’s title track below and pick up a copy of Ocean Blues via iTunes.