Ghost In The Shell has been in the news quite a bit recently. There’s the ongoing whitewashing controversy around Scarlett Johansson’s casting as the Japanese main character Major, a commercial during the Super Bowl that was largely footage we’ve already seen, and Johansson’s comments to Marie Claire about said controversy and the gender wage gap that did little to assuage anyone. Now to top off the week we have a new trailer for the film that includes both new action scenes and more background on Major.

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We already knew Major was a cyborg that can perform incredible feats, and we see more of that in this trailer as she easily dispatches baddies and dodges gunfire. But her encounter with bad guy Kuze (Michael Pitt) goes much less smoothly. Major is captured and Kuze reveals that he knows much of her past. The story that was told to Major about her being found on the brink of death and rescued is apparently a lie. What Kuze claims to have happened is a much more sinister version of events with Major being snatched away from a loving family and turned into a deadly tool. A central theme to this trailer (and the tagline included in the trailer) is found in Johansson’s steely delivery of “They created me, but they cannot control me.” Check out the full trailer:

We don’t have to wait much longer to see how this story unfolds. Ghost In The Shell arrives in theaters on March 31.