It’s been a little under two weeks since MUNA released their debut album About U and shared the powerful music video for “I Know A Place.” That’s almost two weeks that we’ve had the album and video on repeat, as we adore the work Katie Gavin, Naomi McPherson, and Josette Maskin have done. The band recently shared another music video, this time for “So Special,” and it’s just as profound as the rest of their work.

While the lyrics find Gavin expressing hurt and shock after an ended relationship casts doubt onto how special she is, the video tells another story. It follows a wide array of people—mostly women, including the members of the band—throughout their everyday lives. One person tries to find a lost dog, two women enjoy a quiet moment at home, and a roller derby takes place. Each of these moments are unique and tell us something about the person we’re watching, and serves as a reminder that each and every person on this planet is special. Watch for yourself now:

About U is out right now through RCA Records. You owe it to yourself to give MUNA a listen.