If 2016 was any sign of what we can expect from Marshmello then 2017 should be an incredible time to be alive. The EDM sensation just capped off a year that would make any up-and-coming artist jealous, and he is kicking off the next chapter in his career with the release of a brand new music video.

“Summer” is the second song off Marshmello’s critically-acclaimed debut album Joyride. The track’s official video finds Marshmello spending his summer working in a skating rink that appears to mostly attract beautiful 20-somethings in the middle of the day. It’s in that strange setting that we see Marshmello fall in love with the girl of his dreams, but in order to be with her he will have to choose between his responsibilities and his heart. The answer is simple.

If you think this song is catchy and you are not yet familiar with Marshmello’s other work we urge you to seek out “Ritual” and “Alone” as soon as possible. Like fellow crossover-sensation the Chainsmokers, the music being created here straddles the line between traditional EDM and something more easily accessible for the masses (otherwise known as those who inexplicably still listen to the radio in order to stay current on the today’s big stars).

We caught Marshmello in concert just over a week ago at Decadence. A full report on that experience should be live in the next day or so, but in the meantime check out this shot photographer Ben Howell grabbed of Marshmello’s performance:


Marshmello is going to be performing all over the world in the months ahead, including stops at Coachella and Hangout Fest. Use this link to grab tickets to the show closest to you.