Today, acclaimed and award-winning Country group, Lonestar have shared their cover of the Eurythmics classic “Here Comes the Rain Again.”

“Here Comes the Rain Again” is celebrating it’s 40th anniversary as a single this year, and also serves as the second glimpse into the new cover’s EP form Lonestar, Iconic, Vol.1, which is set to be released later this summer. The five song EP from the band serves as their thoughtful homage to some of the music industry’s most legendary female vocalists. 

Dave Stewart — the song’s original producer, co-writer, and Eurythmics co-founder — shares, “Over time, music has proven its ability to transcend genre boundaries, and it’s always gratifying to learn that the music Annie and I crafted together continues to inspire other artists. The song was released as a single 40 years ago, and seeing a band like Lonestar put their touch on it in 2024, it’s amazing to see it still having an impact.”

As a fan of the Eurythmics, Lonestar guitarist Michael Britt suggested they cover “Here Comes The Rain Again” himself. “I’ve always liked that song and thought it would be really cool because I love minor key songs like that, and I just felt like that would be something we could transform a little bit,” shares Britt. “The biggest challenge was we didn’t want to have all that ’80s synthesizer on it. So how do you kind of make it sound like the same song without all of that because that’s a pretty prominent part? But as soon as we started playing it, it sounded like a Lonestar song. That’s the way it’s always been with us no matter what cover song we do.”

I knew that song so well that I’m not even sure I looked at lyric sheets,” Lonestar vocalist Drew Womack adds. “That’s one that I’ve been singing forever.”

Listen to Lonestar’s cover of “Here Comes the Rain Again” below.

“Here Comes the Rain Again” arrives on the heels of the EP’s lead offering, “You Make Loving Fun,” which was released back on March 1st. The song even receives an endorsement from Mick Fleetwood, who said it’s “always a compliment to hear…our songs! Christine will be smiling!

The inspiration for Iconic, Vol. 1 came during a soundcheck for Lonestar when Womack started singing Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time.” “I’ve always loved that song and the fact that he just pulled it out, we were like ‘Dude, you can sing anything!’ He has no limitations as a vocalist,” guitarist Michael Britt explains. “Then somebody just said ‘Hey, why don’t we do an EP of female artist songs?’ Somebody suggested everybody just pick their favorite and we’d go from there. It was so organic.”

Check out the track-listing below.

As a band, we are riding high,” Sams concludes. “We’ve had the two biggest touring years of our career. It feels new again and the fans have just given us a rebirth. We are more energized. We are better players and singers. Our show is by far the best show we’ve put out on the road and I’m really excited for the folks that are coming to see us in 2024.” Click here to stay up to date with all of Lonestar’s tour dates and festival appearances.


  1. “Rolling in the Deep” (originally by Adele)
  2. “Try” (originally by Pink)
  3. “Time After Time” (originally by Cindy Lauper)  
  4. “Here Comes the Rain Again” (originally by Eurythmics)
  5. “You Make Loving Fun” (originally by Fleetwood Mac)