When I first spoke to y’all about ManDancing last week, the lyrics at the top of the news post came from my favorite song to make it onto their emotionally poignant and criminally overlooked (I, too, was guilty of this ignorance) debut album Everyone Else, which recently saw a re-release on the best label to call the east coast home, the always impressive, Take This To Heart Records. In case you can’t recall (or didn’t click that link above), those lyrics are: “I’m learning it’s a choice I can make/Every morning that I wake up/to forgive myself and be grateful for my life” and they come from a masterfully crafted song called “Broken.”

Today, the band released the music video for said song, and the visuals are just as emotionally uproarious. The video’s protagonist is on a lone-treadmill in the middle of a suburban street. They’re constantly running — moving as fast as they can without covering any distance. People that he’s known and loved are moving forward with their lives and he’s stuck in the same place he started — running, endlessly, and making up for no lost ground in the process.

The music video for “Broken” can be seen above. Everyone Else is out now on Take This To Heart Records and can be purchased here.