October is the month for spooky monsters and horror fans, but the fun isn’t just contained to film. Many musicians also get in on the fun as fall settles in. Popstar Tiffany Young is the latest to send shivers down the spines of listener, as she released “Run For Your Life,” a dark, captivating new single today.

A deep beat brings us into the new track, which finds Young in charge as usual. There are some elements of electronica that give the track a pulsing heartbeat, and Young’s voice is on point as usual. The chorus is perfect for chanting along to, and the confidence pouring out of the track will have you ready to accomplish anything.

Young also released a music video for “Run For Your Life.” Shrouded in darkness one moment and illuminated by spooky lights the next, Young and her dancers make use of an industrial-inspired stage set up to showcase their moves. If you want your music videos to have a horror-like aesthetic, this is the video for you.

You can watch the video for Tiffany Young’s new track “Run For Your Life” below. Young starts her ‘Magnetic Moon’ Tour on October 25, and a full list of dates and tickets can be found here.