Photo by Emily Dubin

Rising out of the Philadelphia DIY scene, the power-pop trio Weller has joined the Tiny Engines family. Initially started as a solo project by Harrison Nantz upon moving to a completely new city after graduation, Weller soon became a full band once Jeremy Berkin and Evan Moorehead listened to the demos and expressed interest in working with Nantz.

Centered around the anxieties ecountered while fumbling through one’s twenties, Nantz has created a debut that weaves the listener through the struggle of being out of one’s comfort zone while confronting the pressure to conform to a typical 9-5 with benefits while pursuing one’s true passions, and struggle with heartbreak. With intricately woven poignant lyrics accented by melodic vocals, Nantz has exposed himself to the world in a way that many artists aren’t willing to. Nantz has created a project that serves as a constant sense of motivation and understanding that things will get better with time. You can pre-order their debut LP which will be out June 29th here. 

Check out Weller’s newest single “Point of Personal Privilege” below.