Today, Queen of Jeans have shared a brand new single, “Bitter Pill.”

On the new song, we find the band channeling their pent-up frustration from a lifetime of accommodating others into a heart-breaking, yet catchy diss track all their own. “Bitter Pill” contains some of vocalist’s Miri Devora most poignant and punch words of wisdom to-date, delivering some words of wisdom for anyone who has ever felt cast aside. 

“Bitter Pill” is featured on their upcoming album, All Again, which will be released on June 28th via Memory Music. Check out the video below and pre-order All Again here.

Part concept record, part postmortem — All Again tells the story of one relationship from beginning to end as it tumbles through loneliness and longing, elation and joy, pain and anger, and finally its foggy close that loops back to the ambient first moments of the record

With past releases, like 2019’s if you’re not afraid, I’m not afraid or 2022’s Hiding In Place EP, Devora and Glass went into Grammy-nominated producer Will Yip’s Studio 4 with sketches, collaborating with him to arrange the songs in the studio. This time Queen of Jeans went in, not only with the addition of drummer Patrick Wall and bassist Andrew Nitz, but also with a complete vision for the record, allowing them to use that studio time to truly expand their sonic boundaries.

The result is an enveloping, rich indie-rock record, changing dance partners between 60s pop sweetness, 90s alt rock dirt, spacious emo, and the melodicism of the sharpest acoustic singer-songwriter acts.


Queen of Jeans all again art


  1. All My Friends
  2. Horny Hangover
  3. Karaoke
  4. Enough To Go Around
  5. Neighbors
  6. Let Me Forget
  7. Books In Bed
  8. Bitter Pill
  9. Go Down Easy
  10. Last To Try
  11. Do It All Again