On the heels of releasing “Quit Your Job” – his genre-melding anthem for the Great Resignation, Jon Wiilde doubles down on his commitment to pursuing one’s passions with his latest single “Carry On”.

The rambunctious, confident, and fun-filled new banger written, recorded, and produced by Jon Wiilde is a further testament to believing in oneself and having a radical time making the vision come to life. “Carry On” provides zealous introduction to the sonic landscape and kaleidoscopic universe of Wiilde. With bangin’ boom-bap drums, infectious melodies reminiscent of the 2010’s, and face melting guitar solos, it is an encapsulation of the unique perspective this singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist brings to the table in 2023.



When asked about the single and the video, Jon explains, “ This record is special to me (I mean I know they all are right?) but “Carry On” feels like this wonderful culmination of my influences. Hip-Hop, psychedelic rock, pop music, electronic, it’s just cool man. And the drums go off so it’s hard not to feel good with this record going. Play it loud, feel the love ya know?

Not to mention, the video is so fucking fun. It’s action packed with donuts, disguises, guns, a bunch of weed, crime fighting, you name it. It was a blast to make. I sprinted more during the first day of shooting than any other day in my entire life and I was astonishingly sore for several days after. Director Mitchell Harris and his team went to extraordinary lengths to make this video a reality. I saw that this crew of people that made the video possible are a truly special group. It is a family affair of filmmakers and friends, gathered around wanting to make something wonderful, and I’m honored to be able to work with such a tight-knit, fun, creative, and talented little family. I can’t wait to shoot the next. Everybody’s on board to just make the best thing we can. What more can you ask for?”

When asked about the meaning behind the single, Wiilde shared, “’Carry On’ is faith in the process. A lot of music today is here today gone tomorrow, but the music that flows through and resonates is here to last. Every day is a practice in being alive and living in a true state of artistry. Finding the awe in the obvious, and translating each kick drum, key pluck, and soul sample into a reflection of the present moment. The present is all we have, and all we’ll ever know. Faith in this process is confidence in life and the journey itself.”

He adds, “That’s why when ‘Carry On’ plays you feel the conviction. You feel the energy of ‘don’t fuck with me this is here to stay.’ This ain’t for vanity or clout, this is for the love of music and the journey itself. No matter what car you drive, or drug you take, the art itself is a reflection of the individual. When it rings true to self it rings true to others. Truth has a funny undeniability to it.”

Directed by Mitchell Harris, the music video for “Carry On” is a comedic take on buddy-cop shows from the 1970’s, with a nod to the cinematic masterpiece that is Beastie Boys “Sabotage”. The visual follows two renegade cops as they kick ass and take names busting criminals around Los Angeles. It’s chaotic and hilarious, making for a wildly entertaining video fans will want to watch over and over.

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