19 Recordings/BMG Nashville artist Colin Stough has unveiled an official music video for his latest heartbreaking single, “Makes Two of Us.”

The music video for “Makes Two of Us” was directed by David Dutton with Alan Fisher, and finds the Mississippi native Stough stepping back into the real-life job he had during high school as a welder — with footage shot at Glenn Machine Works in Columbus, Mississippi. The strong visuals in the video adds to the explosive temptation of the on-again-off-again romanced that’s depicted in the roller coaster type lyrics, written by Stough with Alex Maxwell and Cole Taylor.

The music video for ‘Makes Two of Us’ is about how your mind keeps wandering to your ex after a breakup. So, in the clip, you see these two characters living their daily lives while constant flashes of memories between them keep happening,” shares Stough. “It shows how often you’re just doing whatever, yet you find yourself completely lost in thought – thinking about the other person. It starts happening so often that you get to a point where you’re just kind of like, ‘Well, if I can’t get ‘em off my mind, what could it hurt to just go there again?’

Watch the music video below.

Showcasing a complex artist-writer who continues to hone his lyrical craftsmanship, the pitch-black production from Maxwell further helps put the growing urge in sonic terms – while also eclipsing the power of Stough’s Promiseland EP debut. With a heavy-handed Rock foundation, distorted guitars thunder alongside pounding drums and streaks of steel guitar lightning, but Stough weaves in tender moments to explore the emotional conflict as well – all while his volcanic Southern vocal fights confusing signals. On the one hand, he should resist what’s surely the start of another toxic cycle. But on the other, the craving for connection is real, and, hopefully, coming from both sides.

With more new music promised soon, Stough’s stacking music festival appearances this summer like CMA Fest 2024 on June 8 on the Hard Rock Stage in Nashville, TN. The same day, the Season 21 finalist on American Idol will also join a program at Fan Fair X inside Music City Center on the CMA Close Up Stage for “Idol Hour with Chayce Beckham, HunterGirl, Colin Stough and ‘American Idol’ ‘24 Winner and Runner-Up.” Find additional details here.