Tracks like “Righteous Stepper,” “Savior,” and “Gifted” deliver progressive music advocating for equality. War Cry skyrocketed to #3 on Apple Music, solidifying Goalden Chyld’s mark on the music world.

According to Chyld, listening to the album sparks a sense of purpose and duty to the community. The positive feedback spans all ages and even caught the attention of nonprofits showcasing its impact on children.

“I don’t believe you can listen to this album and not feel some sense of purpose and duty to your community,” he told The Final Call.

He added: “I haven’t received a single negative review. The response has been overwhelmingly positive across all age groups. I’ve received messages from nonprofits showing children engaging with the music, which shows its impact. It’s amazing to see a project resonate so deeply across different segments of our community, reinforcing the need for unity and positive change.”

Raised by a single mother in Chicago, Chyld’s music breaks barriers with its authentic storytelling of struggles and triumphs. With endorsements from hip-hop heavyweights like Shaquille O’Neal and Lil Baby, his popularity soared in 2024, resonating with today’s social climate.

Don’t miss out on the album release events, including a unity concert in Chicago on May 25 and a community tour event in New York City on May 30.

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