Tim Clark is a legend in dance music. 20-plus years in the industry, he continues to deliver the best of the best in the genre and shows no signs of slowing down. Today, he continues to thrive with the release of his lovers-themed single, titled “Forgiving Hearts.” Clark’s latest emits an aura overflowing with love, Tim has demonstrated his affinity for music in a variety of other ways.

“‘Forgiving Hearts’ was written as an open love letter to my wife,” said Tim Clark. “The only way to be able to have success in a long-term relationship is that both [people] have to have ‘Forgiving Hearts’. Now, I wrote the song to leave the reasonings open to anyone’s interpretation. In my case, it was about a battle with addiction: my wife had had an issue with gambling and she was able to beat it. I’m so very proud of her because it took its toll on our family. But, we have forgiving hearts and better days are ahead of us.”

“Forgiving Hearts” is a vessel for Tim to pour his heart out to his wife. This melodic masterpiece showcases his artistic vision and dedication to his craft. It signals the promising future ahead for Tim as he continues to captivate listeners with his signature sound.

Stream “Forgiving Hearts” below.