Neck Deep share new single “Heartbreak of the Century”

Neck Deep share new single “Heartbreak of the Century”

After announcing its release last Monday, today Neck Deep have officially released their newest single, “Heartbreak of the Century.”

Self described as “a classic sounding Neck Deep song, catchy, angsty, pacey, powerful and a little bit pathetic” by vocalist Ben Barlow, fans can now listen to the song and stream the music video below. “Heartbreak of the Century” will officially be up on al streaming platforms.

Barlow continues, “We took the idea of ‘the heartbreak of the century’ and imagined if you could actually win an award for that. So there we had it- a shitty Oscar’s, where we won the heartbreak of the century award. We wanted the video to feel classic/ nostalgic, something that was entertaining to watch rather than your usual. It features some of our best (worst) acting to date and is one of our favorite videos we’ve ever done.”

“Heartbreak Of The Century” follows up the band’s 2022 single “STFU,” which was filled with heavyguitar riffs and driving drum fills. The track feels like a callback to the band’s early days, whilst still pushing them in a new and exciting direction right into “Heartbreak Of The Century”. The track was recorded with Andrew Wade, who previously worked with the band on 2015’s critically acclaimed album, Life’s Not Out To Get You.

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