Today’s Children are a brand new psych-pop band coming from the Chicago area. The band channels more of the classic late ‘60s bands when it comes to their sound. The main influences are The Zombies, The Turtles, or The Cyrkle, Today, they release their very first single, “Things You Wish,” which premiered on Look At My Records.

While the single is a new release for the band,  the song is a few years old for songwriter Nick Arger who wrote the track during his time at college in 2017. Arger was facing a more depressing time but the lyrics came to him after a positive experience and conversation he had with a musical collaborator, Rick Sniegowski of Chicago band Lime Forest, and a few of their other friends.

Arger recorded this single completely on his iPhone using GarageBand with two microphones, and also played all the instruments, 

Coming from the Urbana-Champaign DIY scene Today’s Children started off in basements and living rooms of house parties which eventually led them to play bars, clubs, and some of Chicago’s more well-known venues. 

Nick Arger is the primary member of Today’s Children, but in live performances, he is accompanied by Derek Rice, Jake Kay, and Alex O’Malley,